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laguna revo with extras
nice setup with the outboard attachment too and wheels the halogen lights will keep you warm That motor means you will be extremely limited in what you can turn outboard, irrespective of which way you...
3 years ago 13
true diy spirit
looks nice and hope they sell it gets put to good use True, but I would hate to have something a bit out of balance on it. That is one way to make a hand built lathe. But its very different from th e...
3 years ago 2
belt sharpener
have been looking at belt sanders and came across this one looks well made and well thought out but it is not cheap not sure about availability of that size belt either the sorby name might still mean...
3 years ago 2
900 dollar oliver
a steal
3 years ago
turning antler
none in my possession yet but am wondering if anyone has turned antler is it too hard or just not turning material Kip Christensen's antler pieces are shown in several books. Also see: There are many...
3 years ago 6
Been awhile, and it shows
I had had a piece of dogwood laying around the shop for about five years. Its not a big piece, but then dogwood does not get all that big. It was ab out 5 1/2-6" in diameter and about 32" long, and...
3 years ago 13
cactus juice
anyone tried this stuff have some material that might not turn well as it is but this cactus juice might make it possible it is expensive so i would not want to experiment but i see knife makers using...
3 years ago 12
more big iron
this one is the pattern maker model
3 years ago
big iron
us navy owned this one
3 years ago
3d printed lathe
not much of a swing but could prove useful
3 years ago
centauro copy wood lathe hydraulic
industrial strength seems like a lot of money but if a business had the need it might be a bargain also italian made Agree "need" is the key. Looks a bit old. 1980s maybe? The turning diame ter says...
3 years ago 2
60 inch bed italian camet
never seen one of these cheap it is 220 and not sure if it need to be rewired good for pool cues i guess Looks good and the price seems reasonable. Only $600 for a quality spindle lathe. 16" swing....
3 years ago 2
vega 2400
an interesting lathe designed only for bowl turning interesting one in the background poolewood euro 2000
3 years ago
grizzly g1495
price might be a little high looks hardly used
3 years ago
nova 1624 44
looks like new price seems reasonable
3 years ago