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Arch? and anyone else in FL
Hi, Arch, will you be attending the show at Lake Yale this weekend? I'll be there again and anyone else who is going, please stop and introduce yourself. I love meeting turners. They've got some...
13 years ago 2
To Bag or not to Bag
I just turned a piece of mulberry (about 11.5 x 6.5d) to rough shape and have set it back to dry. I heard somewhere that it was better to put the piece in a brown paper bag than to leave it just set...
13 years ago 5
A different sort of chuck
Hey guys- I'm getting all set up to start making a metal lathe, and while previewing Gingery's book on the subject before beginning, I ran across his design for a home-made chuck. While it certainly...
13 years ago 7
A touchy feely musing
As a diversion from subjects that rcw was chartered for, consider the egg. I turned one out of Norfolk Pine years ago. It's not beautiful. It's dull, solid, heavy and not even well turned or finished....
13 years ago 3
Bunch of Boxes (pics in a.b.p.w.)
addictive charlie b
13 years ago
Which Tool?
Greetings! While I have a reasonable grasp of which tools (roughing gouge, spindle gougle, skew, etc) are used for what - I have seen a few tools that I can't quite figure out. I'm guessing someone,...
13 years ago 7
Authentic Reproduction 18th Century Wood Lathe
Other than at Williamsburg and Sturbridge, are there any genuine 18th century lathes in existence elsewhere in North America, preferably ones that have detailed online photos available for viewing,...
13 years ago 15
Selecting a chuck
Hello, I am trying to select a chuck for my new lathe. I am considering the OneWay talon, the Super Nova2, and the Vicmarc 5 1/2". Any thoughts? I have the Vicmarc, well, 3 of them, and have abused...
13 years ago 16
Work in Progress
January 4, 2007 It is DONE!!!The work is finished on the / Work in Progress", Manitoba Maple Winged platter. I have been really pleased with the red in the wood. I know it will turn brown over time...
13 years ago 13
Forward / Reverse option? Why?
Greetings! Another newbie question....My lathe has a switch for forward and reverse direction (yep...It changes the direction of rotation of the stock...) FWIW, there is no shaft on the "other" end of...
13 years ago 19
e-commerce software
What sort of e-cart software is everyone with a commercial web site using? Bill
13 years ago
An odd project- suggestions greatly appreciated
Hello all, My dad is getting his leg amputated below the knee in the next week or two (the end result of an accident thirty years ago, not a recent or shocking development.) He's been needing to have...
13 years ago 30
I have been asked to make three gavels and blocks for a presentation. Has anyone any helpful hints as to style and type of wood and also presentation box ideas. The commercial ones I have seen have a...
13 years ago 10
A couple of newbie questions
I have had my Jet Mini lathe for a few weeks and have been playing around with it while waiting for my Wolverine grinding jig to show up. I have a couple of questions: Does anyone have anything pro or...
13 years ago 6
dust collection on lathe
My original shop went under 7' of salt water in New Orleans last year during Katrina. I am now setting up a new one on high ground in Dallas, TX. I have a 20" Powermatic and a Orinda 2 HP Dust...
13 years ago 3