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Just before I left for Toronto in June, I did some great natural dyeing
with some Guild members. I had bought a natural dyeing kit from Michelle
Wipplinger in Seattle. I have been dyeing with plant materials for years,
but this was a new way of doing the same thing. Earthues Dyes are
concentrates, and you do not need to boil your skeins for long period of
times, as a matter of fact, we just made up stock solutions and painted
the dyes right onto our prepared warps, wefts and skeins. You do set the
colours by either steaming or nuking it for a couple of seconds in the
micro wave oven. After that you let it all air dry. Well mine were air
dried for over 8 weeks and finally, this afternoon I washed them all. The
colours stayed nice and clear and all is now hanging on the wash line out
side I dyed wool, cotton and rayon. Michelle also advices to use a
different alum for mordanting cotton and that was a new one for me as
well. It works very well. We found that out when one of us did not have
the aluminum acetate, and she used the potassium aluminum sulfate, like we
have used for all fiber mordanting. Her dyes washed nearly all away, so
for all your natural dyers do take note. You also do pre wash and soak
your cottons in soda ash as well. Now for the weaving. The colours are
rich and beautiful. It is going to be a fun project. One of the scarves
is wool and rayon. I hope to felt the wool so the rayon will bubble up.
This is also a first for me, so it will be an adventure
Here is Michelle Wipplinger's website, enjoy
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