Wool&Fiber Festival this weekend!

I'm going to my first (their 98th) Connecticut Sheep Breeders Assn
Wool & Fiber Festival this weekend! There is so much to see and
do....any advice out there? Thanks!
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I haven't been to this festival but it looks really great - I'm going to Sheep and wool in Maryland in May. Wear really comfortable clothes and shoes; dress in layers; bring a large empty tote bag for purchases; when you see something you like, buy it, you won't remember where you saw it to go back and get it later (or it will be sold out - at least this is my experience); consider going back to your car to dump your purchases and jacket if necessary; sunscreen for the nose/face; shady hat or visor (all these may change if it's cold and rainy of course.) Fully charged cel phone to find the rest of your party; bottle of water.
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myswendy spun a FINE 'yarn':
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This post, your second on the same subject showed up just fine. Noreen
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For Maryland Sheep and Wool, you may want a bag with wheels. There's enough paving to make it usable once you get in from the parking area.
And speaking of the parking area: when you park your car, look around from the diretion of the festival so you can tell where the car is! I advise counting telephone poles for landmarks.
And a sandwich, unless you want to try to buy food there. There is food, but there are also lines.
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