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Will Need To Mend Wool Sweater
I just bought a wool sweater that has a cut in it. Here's a picture of the cut: figured it would be easy to mend with thread but after reading alittle about wool, I wondered if regular thread would...
14 years ago 6
Prayer Shawls
Hello all... I bought some LionBrand Homespun to make a Prayer Shawl. When I looked at the pattern on the LionBrand site, it says to use a 6 mm needle, but the pattern on the Prayer Shawl minisry site...
14 years ago 16
Quick post
I've been in imposed lurkdom for awhile, (as are some others, grin!) but wanted to make a quick post so no one thinks I've died (although some might welcome *that* too!) Anywhooooooooo: My domain...
14 years ago 2
OT: Bart has a birthday today
Hi Bart, Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have many, many more. Hugs, Nora Although it's late in the day, I would like to wish you a happy birthday. And many more Bart!!!!...
14 years ago 7
I just want to say thank you to the member who shared that she kept her circular needles in sheet protectors in a three-ring binder. It's finally raining and I organized mine is so...
14 years ago 1
Afghan hooks ! INOX/PRYM !
Hello... my question is simple i guess. Where can a guy go online to see a good selection of Afghan hooks ? Preferably INOX/PRYM, as it's all i've ever used, and they rock. I've tried finding a...
14 years ago 1
lego knitting machine
Hi, I was looking for more references to mechanical spool knitters and found this site - it's a mechanical knitter made from Lego!! I wish I could feel this thing in operation! Linkname: Lego Knitting...
14 years ago 8
Re: Saturday night was Re: Saturday , we are ok
Mirjam, please don't go away. You know there are so many people here who care about you and watch for your daily updates on how you're doing in this terrible time. I know you post a lot more often on...
14 years ago 2
Bisque You Paint->Handmade->Jewelry-> Novelties-> Oil Burners TATTOOS Wind Movements-> Incense-> CONE AND STICK BURNERS-> POWDER BURNERS Burner Stands Air Fresheners-> Fragrance Oils-> HELP GET THE...
14 years ago
The mystery yarn swatch
has turned out not to be feltable wool. So, I'm guessing it's probably acrylic or a blend. Bleah. I'll have to figure out something else to do with it now. I could double or triple it up and make a...
14 years ago 7
Off Topic getting Patterns in braille!!
Hi again.. I have a question.. Does anyone in here knit that is blind or is vissually impaired?? I recall that someone told me when I joined, that there is someone that is blind.. Well, I am trying to...
14 years ago 27
Lamb pics are up!
I had said I was going to get some babie pictures up, lambs of course :) and I finally managed it. You can see them at Shelagh they are cute animals .thanks for Hugs & God bless, Dennis & Gail
14 years ago 3
Off Topic Been missing in action for a few days!!
Hi and good morning from Southern California.. I have ben away from my pc since last week.. Well spent little time and haven't been around my groups much due to having been sick with a cold and the...
14 years ago 3
S.E.X. today !!!!
My friend & I went into town today to troll our favourite Value Village stores. One was stocked up with all kinds of good stuff. I found a nice soft pillowform I will use when I knit a cover for it. I...
14 years ago 8
Ot Good night
Good night Mirjam! Sleep well! Sofia D "Mirjam Bruck-Cohen" a écrit dans le message de news: Good night to all ,, we had a very rockety day ,, but we are full of high morals, made a round call to...
14 years ago 4