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call for Artists - Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa Spring 2010 Market
Registration is open for the 2010 Spring Market. The application is online now, please click on the FORMS link to apply. The 2010 Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa Spring Market is set for Saturday, May...
10 years ago
LF sweater pattern
SWMBO is looking for a Cowichan-style sweater pattern. Any ideas would be appreciated Have you tried Ravelry? It's free to join. A quick search there yielded around 20 'Cowichan' patterns. Two were...
10 years ago 2
boooooohooo where are you all ?
Anybody here mirjam I'm here. I've knitted the 2nd slipper, so have a pair for my sister in law. I knitted 3 hats. One using some recycled yarn. Turned out gorgeous. I'm going to try and knit some...
10 years ago 25
any one heard from friends in Hawai?
Any one heard from friends in Hawai ? mirjam Do you mean in Haiti where the earthquake was? sue Sorry my mistake i was so upset from all this that i wrote the wrong name of course i meant Haiti mirjam
11 years ago 3
Sandra knitting magazine
Hi there, I have just found a knitting pattern I like in Jan. 2010 Sandra Magazine, this type of knitting pattern is all new to me. Can anyone help me decipher it?...
11 years ago 2
Crochet,Knit,Cook,Bead Books CHEAP
Come to my site on I have over 1,000 items listed & will combine postage. Also have Jewelry,Beads & more See you there,I also take offers on oirders over $30.00 Jan
11 years ago
Pattern Help: Knit Hot bottle Cover
Hi there and good evening. I am looking for a hot bottle cover that is easy to knit in most in the round and doesn't require much sewing. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks and hope evryone is having...
11 years ago
Looking for some yarn
Hi - My name is Linda and I used to belong to this group way back in the early 90s. I have recently found it again on Google, and just in time too. I am hoping someone can help me locate some CE La...
11 years ago 7
WANTED: Missoni Yarn
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some Missoni yarn? I know it was discontinued a few years ago. That's the problem. Thanks. Try Ebay, I saw 3 there. Dennis
11 years ago 1
Happy New Year to all
Happy new year to all may you be healthy wealthy and produce loads of beautiful things for yourselves and for others mirjam Back to you Mirjam, Dennis & Gail
11 years ago 1
Still knitting hats.
I have been doing the "London Beanie" ,> 's actually a little more complicated of a decrease than what I do. Just like to do different patterns once in a while. I have made several, our group delivers...
11 years ago
OT Happy Holidays
I want to wish every one a happy holiday season. May the new year be your best yet. Dennis & Gail Happy Christmass Dennis and Gail ! Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it mirjam
11 years ago 1
basket making materials
Can anyone tell me the requirements for a suitable basket making material? I understand willow is very common but can I use the twigs from other trees as well? What about holly? Dog wood? Is pussy...
11 years ago 2
knitting crocheting for so many years , may be
From timer to time as i look at the many knitted and crocheted things, i made and use , or my family uses, and than i remember things i made for presents i wonder how big would the surface be if i...
11 years ago 3
meeting an old sweater
Before my late mother died , about 18 years ago she knitted a friend of her`s a sweater , about 2 years ago i met the sweater = i mean i met a woman , who wore that sweater , but she wasn`t my mother`...
11 years ago 6