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11 years ago
Fingerless mitts
Hi everyone, I've been knitting Fingerless mitts that have a thumb. I have to cast on three stitches after setting aside stitches for the thumb, and the pattern says to use a backwards loop cast on. I...
11 years ago 11
hello, new here
Hi, my name's Sarah. I've been crocheting for about 8 years :) Right now I'm working on hats and scarves for Christmas gifts. I'm also interested in pen-palling and square exchanges! Can't wait to get...
11 years ago 4
Care Instructions for knitted items
Does anyone else put in a ball band from the yarn used to knit the item when it is a gift? I have found this is much easier than attaching a tag with care instructions. DA My family (on both sides)...
11 years ago 2
my notes have disappeared ?????????
last year i staerted a vest , made up some pattern and this was my carry around project , put it aside during the summer , finished the half bodice of back 2 1/2 frons ,,,, and my calculations are`n t...
11 years ago 4
scarf pattern? ... knit, tapered, eyelet
Hi , I'm looking for a knit pattern for a neck scarf. It was knit in a fine yarn. It is very narrow (maybe an inch wide) at each end widening out in the middle portions. There appeared to be a eyelet...
11 years ago 13
star wars patterns
Where can I find the star wars patterns? ------------------------------------- carol wight ##-----------------------------------------------## Delivered via Community of the NetWeb and RSS access to...
11 years ago 1
When you have Leftovers , how do you plan something ?
When you find loads of Different leftovers , how do you go about planning something with it.?????? i sort them out by weight first , and than by colour , and than think i could use all kinds in one...
11 years ago 19
New rain days
We are into a new Rainy Days group , in which is always wonderful to grab one`s knitting and knit happily . just now i knit an artwork for an exhibition . and sort of `found` `lmost` finnished light...
11 years ago 6
I'd like a rec for an online yarn source.
I need to buy a lot, and color is not too important. Good, reliable service is. I'd like to order chenille, by the way. Kalima, have ordered from this company for years and so has my wife. They have...
11 years ago 1
Re: Very Off-topic, update on Don from Noreen
+Hello Noreen & Don, + +I feel for you both. + +You are in our prayers and thoughts always, Go Navy!!! + +Hugs, +Dennis & Gail + Spikedriver. . . Thank you, Dennis and Gail. Semper Fi, Marine! Hugs,...
11 years ago 3
Re: Very Off-topic, update on Don from Noreen
Healing prayers for both you and Don. Yes, OT is a great help, but you are the most help to him. Been there, done that with Tom and his leg. Hugs, Nora Hi, Nora! Thank you! Hugs, Noreen
11 years ago 1
errata in Vogue Knitting Shawls On the Go book 2006
I am looking for errata on the reversible cable shawl. How do I do this? It seems complicated to find errata. Help! Thanks -------------------------------------...
11 years ago 1
Hand Crafted Halloween Costume Contest
Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share that with Halloween right around the corner, and so many crafty individuals out there, J&O Fabrics is holding a Halloween costume contest for those of us who have...
11 years ago
Pattern Help Please!
I am getting ready to try this Circular wrapping shawl pattern for babies. But, I am having difficult understanding this part of it. If someone want the whole pattern after not understanding this...
11 years ago 2