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Attn: Mirjam ....
Hi Mirjam, I hope you are well, and enjoying nice weather. I have a bit of a problem and thought if anyone I know could help me solve it, it would be you. A couple of weeks ago it was quite chilly...
11 years ago 13
Excuse me!! Would you stop for a moment?!'t you thought-one day- about yourself ? Who has made it? Have you seen a design which hasn't a designer ?! Have you seen a wonderful,delicate...
11 years ago
specialty yarns
Can someone that has crocheted with a specialty yarn give me some tips? I am experienced at crochet, but find this yarn impossible!!! - I bought some 'feathery' or 'fun fur' type yarn and cannot keep...
11 years ago 9
Scarves for children
Going another direction here. Since my brain is always coming with ideas. I am in several charities and I am looking for patterns for scarves for children say starting from ages 2 and up. I figure the...
11 years ago 4
Anyone know about mitered squares
I hate doing swatches. And, I am trying to figure how you come with the right amount of stitches for an 8" mitered square. How are you able to calculate that? Portia, Southern California The only way...
11 years ago 11
Hello all!
Hi all. Portia here. For those who remember me. Its little cool here in Calif. I am broadening my horizons now. I have a stack of new braille patterns to work on and some more onthe way. I hope to...
11 years ago 10
Autum steps in
In the morning when i let the cat out , the air is cooler , thus i am glad to knit crochet etc,,, Since i haven`t grown the last years i am able to make some knitted presents for friends and look at...
11 years ago 11
Sewing machines back in fashion?
I had no idea they were out of fashion , so many people i know used them at least for repairs if not for sewing /embroidering etc... But reccessions usually see a returning of many who left the craft...
11 years ago 7
Knitting Superheroes
Smithsonian magazine has a story of an artist who knits and displays superhero costimes. On-line here: with a photo of him at work and of one costume (to see thembigger, click on the Picture Gallery...
11 years ago 2
Time to check my wool supply
Getting up in the morning and feeling an Autum Coolness , tells me i should recheck my supply , 1 to see if no `unwanted` visitors looked on my supply. 2 to finnish the sweater [ i always leave an...
11 years ago 3
OT/clueless me
I didn't know this was a google group as I have been posting with the webtv. When I tried posting with the computer I had to sign up...which I didn' I'll just pop in from here until MSN pulls...
11 years ago 3
Cheap yarn
I just purchased 90 skeins of worsted weight at for 1.00 each. The person inherited over 800 from her grandmother. They are almost all gone. :) Dennis Which colors Dennis ? mirjam Hello Mirjam, Mostly...
11 years ago 13
a MUST read
I finnished reading The Seamstress , by Frances de Pontes Peebles wonderful book mirjam
11 years ago
many posts here are repoted as Spam ?
Why are many postrs reported as spam ? mirjam
11 years ago
many posts here are repoted as Spam ?
Why are many postrs reported as spam ? mirjam Mirjam, It most likely has to do with the setup of your news reader. The way the restrictions are set up on your newsreader software or program. No one...
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