Hand embrodier??

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hello never done this before so have any of you done hand embrodiery ? i
am trying to make some patches for my diet club and im finding it hard
to hand stitch..is there any tips someone can suggest that can make it
easier? would appreciate any suggestions..thank you

Re: Hand embrodier??

Do you mean to stitch the embroidery, or just to stitch the embroidered
patches on to a garment?  For embroidery, go to
rec.crafts.textiles.needlework or just put in needlework (not needle) in
the newsgroup query.  For stitching them on, there's no help except to
use a sharp needle and a thimble to push it, as I presume it's just the
stiffness that's a problem.  It helps to use iron-on applique material

I do hand embroidery as well, but it's a big subject, and would need
more specific info to help

Joyce in RSA.

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Re: Hand embrodier??
im needing to do the hand embrodery it self..to literally make the words
i want embrodered...
  im just going to make them look like patches i hope but what i need
help with is how to embroder with out making it look like a mess..i wish
i had a machine but i only have a regualr sewing machine..i dont think
you can use t hat to write out the name and number..

Re: Hand embrodier??

If you have never done any hand embroidery, it sounds like a difficult
thing to learn on.  Does your machine do different stitches?  If so, you
may find it easier to try a name and number using the other machine
embroidery method.  That is where you drop the feed dogs, and work the
material in different directions to form the words.  I know people do
beautiful embroidery in this way, but that's not my forte.

I can imagine trying to make letters and numbers this way. I'm inferring
from your post that you're a complete novice in any embroidery - if so
you might enjoy learning more about it!

Otherwise I think you'd be better going to your nearest embroidery shop
and consult with them about your best option, or to a sewing machine
shop to find out about those options.  If you were anywhere near me, I'd
help, but I'm in South Africa!

Joyce in RSA.

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