How to remove this gunk?

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Well, I decided to get some of the iron-on fusible stuff to stick the large
applique on to the fabric.  I cut it slightly smaller than the applique, but
when I put the hot iron to the applique, to my surprise, the now-melted
fusible material squished out from under the edge.   Now, I have a rim of
white fusible gunk showing. It is about 2 1/2" long but not very wide. Maybe
just 3-4 mm wide.

Does anyone have an idea how to get it off? I tried the Pellon website, but
they don't have any FAQs that I could find. I have daubed some rubbing
alcohol on it with a clean cloth, and that has helped a little bit. But,
surely I am not the only one to which this has happened, so somebody must
know a better method to remove the residue.  Please?


Re: How to remove this gunk?

cudigitizing had written this in response to  :
Dear Pat, You will need some sort of solvent to dissolve the glue.
Unfortunately most of these may harm your fabric. Certainly test on a
scrap first. Eucalyptus oil is probably the most gentle. Nail Polish
remover would be another posibility. I generally use a warm iron rather
than a hot one when fusing and hold it there longer. Was your fusible
material double sided. If so, try in future to fuse it to the applique
piece first, preferably with an applique mat between it and your iron. Any
excess should squeeze out at this stage. Secondly position your applique
piece and press to bond. The product I usually use is Vliesofix.
Pat wrote:

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