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Hey All,
Remember a while back when I was looking for directions on how to turn a
t-shirt into a baby romper? Well, thought I'd better update on that one.
The project went alright. Few glitches.
The whole point of this thing was to make a romper with the logo of the
baby's dad's favorite band. So I found a t-shirt to embroider. It's not
something I can do with my embroidery machine, but I knew I could do it the
same way I have done letters for sweatshirts in the past. So,I printed off
the logo and then traced it onto tear away stabilizer. What I do then is
hoop the stabilizer and the shirt and I can satin stitch the letters,etc
with the machine. Did all that. Then went to make the shirt into a romper.
The instructions all called for cutting an upside down U on the front for
the legs. Then adding a gusset basically (but a U shaped one) on the back
so there would be a flap that could snap to the front of the legs. OK.
First snag.......not enough fabric to make the gusset. My goof. I wanted
the front to be even. And the easiest way for me to do that was to cut
that section as two pieces. You know, cut from the hem up to where I
wanted it to stop,then cut the two halve out. Yeah. Forgot to think
before I cut. That part turned out just fine though. I cut the legs
slightly fuller in the back (more narrow upside down U.) Worked out great.
I marked from an 18 mo size romper I got at my favorite second hand place.
I measured and marked how much to take in the sleeves and sides of the
shirt. Then stitched from the hem of the sleeve to the hem of the body.
Turned in the serged edges of the new legs, and hemmed the legs. Sewed on
snaps and Viola!!! Sleeves could have been hemmed a little shorter, but
they were alright.
Then I got to thinking he needed a matching sunhat. ;) Hancock's had
Butterick patterns on sale for 97¢!! So,I got Butterick 5056 and got to
work. I centered the logo on front of the crown. I just happened to have
some scraps of really nice med-heavy weight linen in stash. ;) Now, how
many 9 month old boys have a custom made linen hat??? lol
I got much better pictures of the hat. I thought I had taken more pictures
of the romper,but no. I didn't look at any of the pictures till after I
had boxed up the whole thing and shipped it off. :( When I did look at the
pictures, I noticed the logo is backwards on the romper. Hard to tell
(you'll see what I mean) till they were together. The hat is correct.
Not to worry. It's getting to be cool weather. So I have a long sleeve
t-shirt in his size to embroider and I have my eyes peeled for a
sweatshirt. lol
Good news is,he LOVED it. (the baby and his dad too!!!) I got pictures of
the baby and I got a phone call from his dad. I got permission from his
mom to share these pictures with y'all. He doesn't even try to take the
hat off. He really acts like he likes it according to his mom (who would
tell me if he tossed it across the room LOL)
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Now stop that!!! No one would ever see it if you didn't point it out! ;->
got Butterick 5056 and got to work.
That is sooooo cute. Please, someone I know, have a baby so I can make the pink one with the pleated brim! Oh, wait, my niece just announced she's pregnant, so maybe.... ;-)
Probably one of the European Royal princes?
That's wonderful Sharon, he looks so pleased. And what a darling boy!
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BEI Design
Gotta own it all. lol (and someone here would have noticed. We are detail folks y'
I'll just cross my fingers for your niece. I'm not volunteering to help you out with that one. LOL But the pattern does go from an 18 1/2" head up to a 20 1/2" head. So you could just start measuring the heads of all the girls you know...... lol
Thanks!! He is a cutie isn't he? We knew he would be, both his parents are good looking folks. :) I pretty much have the entire refridgerator covered in pictures of him. DD calls it The Shrine. LOL I just wish there wasn't so much geographical distance between us. I'm pretty sure he knows he's really loved though. ;)
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Someone might have noticed, but no one who counts would have been so gauche/rude/insensitive as to point it out publicly! :-> (And the only one who has done so is "flagged, mark as read" here, so I don't bother with its comments.)
Funny how babies do that.
I'll get that pattern next time TSWLTH puts Buttericks on sale.
This is the same niece for whom I made the suite of embroidered blanket-bibs-doorhanger-pillow a couple of years ago. She is being cautious about sharing information this time, she was briefly pregnant last December and announced to all and sundry, but lost the baby at 6 weeks. I think my brother knows the gender of this one, but I'm not pressing, it's really none of my business. I just hope all goes well this time.
He'll have the snazzy hat and romper to remind him that Auntie Sharon adores him. ;-)
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BEI Design
I know right!! And teenagers too. Can almost watch my boy grow right now.
Oh! I will certainly add my hoping to your hoping that all goes well this time. All I ever hope for is a healthy baby and a healthy mama. Beyond that, it will all be what it should I figure.
:) And we talk on the phone a lot too. If he is fussy when I'm on the phone with his mom, she holds the phone down so he can hear me. I talk and he stops fussing to listen. ;) Other times he blows me raspberries over the phone. lol And this won't be the last sewing project I do for him. I have some fabric stashed (big surprise there) for when he's a little bigger to make "button shirts." Probably for when he starts preschool or Kindergarten. Gotta have button shirts then.
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