Bernina 830 vs Elna 500

I'd like some sewing machine advice. I was given a Elna 500 Electronic in
the mid-
80s, and recently I inherited a Bernina 830 record electronic. Both
machines seem
to be the same vintage, approximately '82 and '84 respectively.
I don't sew a lot, mostly repair work. I would like to sew more, and hope
to one
day. I'm hoping you can give me some advice on which machine I should
keep, as I
don't need two.
Thanks in advance.
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I would keep both myself; I don't sew as much now as I did in the past, when my children, nieces and nephews were young; but I still like having different machines to use for different projects, fabrics and threads. Also, In case, one goes out for any reason, I always have a back-up. At this time, I have 5 machines and 2 sergers set up, ready for what-ever. Just my own personal opinion.
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Emily Bengston
I would keep BOTH! I keep one threaded with a light thread because it is more difficult to thread and has fewer different stitches. The one that is easiest to thread is used often because it IS easier to change out the color threads for different projects. Barbara in SC
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Bobbie Sews More
Sounds like your cup runneth over. I think Barbara is right. I have a Brother XR7700 sewing/quilting machine, which is great for light work and has 60 different stitches built in. Our workhorse, tho, is a Bernina Record 930, which seems to be able to handle the heaviest work I can throw at it. FWIW: I hear the 830 was a great machine and I saw them selling on Ebay for 450-700 USD. *Not* junk.
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"Everybody else" wrote...
I can only agree with that. Only this morning I used both my machines. For mending DD's sleeping bag I used the old Singer, recently remodeled to a portable, since it seemed to have the necessary power for stitiching through the many layers of fabric (which it didn't, so I used it like a handcrank, but still the thread broke ever so many times); for taking in DD's jammy legs I was able to use the Husqvarna; it's straight, zig-zag and tri-step zig-zag still work, and I must say, it does that very, very well. So well that I almost had tears in my eyes because the rest doesn't work. (@ Ron Anderson: I didn't find the time yet to look into the machine but will do so asap.)
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Ursula Schrader

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