Quilt in the Hoop Christmas Stocking @ BFC !

Have a question or want to show off your project? Post it! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

Have a design that you stitched but it's all puckered? A way to
salvage it is to put some batting and another piece of fabric behind
it and do some free motion stitching around it - you don't notice the
puckers and you can then use it for a picture or a small purse.

NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun
sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. Be sure to collect all the prior free
designs on the design set pages!

*QUILT IN THE HOOP CHRISTMAS STOCKING I* The first of many stockings
for Christmas. This one has Santa sneaking down the chimney bringing
lots of toys. There is a patchwork back too that you can use to create
totally different stockings if you wish. This set makes a 14.5 inch
long stocking in the medium size and a 17.5 inch in the large. I will
be having other stockings for the 4x4 hoop soon.

*SPACE QUILTABLES*  Deborah came up with a great idea to help with all
those projects you've been telling me about for the space designs. The
designs can be stitched three different ways - even as quilt in the
hoop designs!  You get instructions along with your designs.

*WINDOW - BLUE STUDY WITH BIRDS*  by Fred  Shades of Blue, Aqua and
turquoise create a beautiful setting for two small birds. This would
make a great picture to welcome spring, or could even be done in
shades of green too as two companion pictures!

*CORNERS AND MORE* A set designed for those times you need *just a
little something more* for a project.  Corners and motifs in all kinds
of styles - one color and multi color. Everything from Floral to Art
Nouveau to even a clown and waiter serving dinner. :) If you buy the
complete set in all sizes you get 108 designs!

*OUTER SPACE* A companion set to the Planets, this set was inspired by
my group members. They all searched the Hubble Telescope site for
images! You'll find Galaxies, Nebulae and Stars.

*WINDOW - ORIENTAL TRANQUILITY* by Fred  A restful beautiful wall
hanging for that special place.

*IZNIK POTTERY FLORALS*  Iznik pottery dates back to the Ottoman
Empire. They used gorgeous stylized flowers on their pottery. This set
is done in traditional colors, but using different color schemes will
totally change the look!

*THE SOLAR SYSTEM* Suz had great fun creating these designs. She used
them to make a vest, but they would also make a great quilt or fleece
throw - they'll even teach about our solar system!

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All of our designs are manually punched using Artista 4, Artista 5 and
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