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When stitching a large, dense design, check your hoop every so
often. Sometimes the vibration of the machine can cause the upper
and lower hoops to separate a tiny bit or the screw to loosen. This
can be enough to throw off the last elements of the design. Tighten
the screw if necessary and push the upper hoop down if it has risen
at all.
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun
sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES.

*STILL LIFE* by Fred A pre pay set of 9 designs with beautiful light
and shading. These are also available in 4x4!

*POSTCARDS - JAPANESE* The designs Suz has choosen for this set each
are symbolic for great sentiments to send to friends and family. She
has explained the meaning of each on the page. These are also
designed for you to easily make quilted postcards.

*WINDOW - GRAPES* by Fred A picture of ripe lush grapes to make a
wall hanging or great table cover. They go well with the Wine and
grape designs we have on sale this week and can be combined to make
larger wall hangings, table linens or curtains.

*PAISLEY FLORAL LACE* 18 designs to be stitched on fabric or made
freestanding with tulle or organza. These designs are styled after
the Vintage Victorian Tambour and net laces that were so popular
during the Victorian era. They can be used for just about anything:
clothing, linens, curtains, pillows, etc. I've made a sample
Valentine pincushion and a tone or tone linen towel for you to use
for ideas.

*POSTCARDS - VICTORIAN VALENTINES* Due to the overwhelming success of
Barbara's postcards, she suggested Suz do a set. These are made for
Valentines but can be used for many other occasions too.

*BUTTERFLIES* by Fred You get both a picture and individual designs
in this set of beautiful realistic butterflies.

*FLORAL EXPRESSIONS II* The companion set to the Window, this set
creates a large embroidery without embroidered background. Be sure to
see the sample project.

FLORAL EXPRESSIONS II - ELEMENTS* A group of 15 designs to
coordinate with the other Expression II sets. This set has some
outline designs that would look great as borders for your wall
hangings or done in metallic threads.

*ANCIENT RUSSIAN FLORALS II* Due to the popularity of the first
Russian Florals I have added another set.

*POSTCARDS - ART NOUVEAU LADIES* Since handcrafted postcards are all
the rage, Barbara decided to do a set for you. These ladies are
gorgeous!! And they can be used for more than just postcards:)

*PENGUINS* All kinds of penguins!

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Lace Sculpture Rose
Vintage Wine
Vintage Wine Quilt Squares
Apple Harvest Lace Bowl
Apple Harvest Designs
Vintage Wine II
Floral Favorites

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