Sunrise on a Florida Beach @ BFC !

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NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun
sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. Be sure to collect all the prior free
designs on the design set pages!

BFC Stash - for Admelody rayon and poly thread
- you can also download BFC design set thread lists - check out free
design on BFC Stash!

*WINDOW - SUNRISE ON A FLORIDA BEACH*  Betty sent Suz a beautiful
photo of a Florida sunrise and she has used it create a wall hanging
for you in 3 sizes.

*POSTCARDS - CHRISTMAS* Just in time to get an early start making
special cards for special people.

*WINDOW - EGRET FANTASY* By Fred A gorgeous study in reds and yellows
with a pair of white Egrets

*QUILT IN THE HOOP - FLORAL KIT* A set with lots of designs you can
combine in different ways - floral wreaths, quilting borders, sashing
pieces and accent designs.

*WINDOWS ON THE WORLD - ENGLAND* Another addition to our new series.
When Suz visited England and drove through the countryside she was
struck by the gorgeous colors. She chose a view from Warwick Castle
overlooking the lush grounds for this set. Two new designs has been

*EYE POPPING POSIES* A set that uses silk flowers to add lots of wow,
pizzazz and three dimension to your projects!

*WINDOW - LIGHTHOUSE AT DUSK* by Fred  A beautiful serene picture
with wonderful colors in the sky behind the lighthouse.
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Lace Bowl & Doily - Watercolor Roses
Lace Sculpture - Calla Lilies
Japanese Miniatures
Ferns and Flowers
Window - Koi Pond

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Eye Popping Posies
Window - A Lighthouse at Dusk


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