Twitter your way to Fantastic Bargains for the 4th of July!

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Sale for all my little birdie friends on Twitter:
Many of our great design sets for just $2 each!

This $2 price will be for a specific design set listed in my "tweets"
during the hours of
12:01 am - 11:59 am July 4th, changing every 30 minutes.  Watch for
the tweet that will list the name of the design set and the link where
you can buy it for just $2!

From noon until 2:59 pm the tweets will list a CD special every 30
minutes and the sale amount will change to reflect the new bargain!
The special prices on our CDs will not be $2, but will be
UNBELIEVABLE!  Hint: How would you like to buy one of our CDs for just

Then from 3 pm to 11:59 pm each tweet will list a different special on
our website.
The paypal link on this page will reflect the new item and sale
amount, changing every 30 minutes.  Some of these tweet sales will be
$2 design sets and some will be LOW prices on our CDs.

ONE & ONLY ONE of the tweets will be for a special deal on GG's Design
Club!  We have never offered any extra bargains on membership, but
this tweet will be ONLY for the first 25 people who grab this

You must be "following" GGsEmbroidery on Twitter to receive these
tweets and  purchase our designs at these UNBELIEVABLE prices!  To do
this, go to

1:  If you already have a twitter account, login to twitter and search
for GGsEmbroidery and click on FOLLOW or
2:  Click on this link and then click FOLLOW:
3:  If you do not have a Twitter account, follow the directions on
Twitter to get an account and then "FOLLOW" GGsEmbroidery!

Please note that we will begin sending these purchases to you via
email AFTER we wake up on July 4th.  We will NOT be staying up all
night to send orders as they come in.  If you purchase more than one
set, we will try to send them together, but that may not be possible.
Be sure to check all email folders, including spam, for the designs we
send.  Be sure that your inbox is large enough to receive large files
if you order more than one of our design sets.

Any Design CDs purchased during this TWITTER SALE will be mailed via
postal mail on Monday, July 6th.  Postage is FREE to anyone in North
America.  If buyer is outside North America, we will send you a paypal
invoice for actual postage and will mail your CDs as soon as we
receive payment for that postage.

Have a great Independence Day,

 Isaiah 40:28-31

Re: Twitter your way to Fantastic Bargains for the 4th of July!
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Free Michael Jackson Embroidery digitized files uploaded

When I was a child, I first heard the music of Michael Jackson, and since
then I never stop listening, I think Michael Jackson was ahead of its
time, was being misunderstood, He brought his unmatched talent to every
corner of the earth, and he delighted us. I wanted to do a little tribute
to him with this work I've done from my heart. Free embroidery digitized
artwork of Micheal Jackson (Rest in Peace) for you people to download.
Please do not use it for commercial purposes.

Here are 5 files

He has died :( but he will remain in our hearts forever.

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