Sand Glass Ratio

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A friend and I were discussing glass, neither of us has any experience
working with glass or any technical knowledge of it.  We were wondering
how much sand it takes to make even a small amount of usable glass.

For example, how much sand would be required to make a window 2 ft. by
2ft, with a thickness of 1\8 inch?  We can do conversions ourselves if
anyone happens to know any amounts.

Thanks for anything,

Milkman Dan

Re: Sand Glass Ratio

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Really rough numbers , general ballpark?  73% batch is pretty high silica,
now go by weight.  2x2=4sq ft x 1.6 lbs per sq. x 73%= silica content.
those numbers are really general.

Re: Sand Glass Ratio
  And the rest is the chemicals that allow the sand to melt at a reasonable
temperature and not dissolve in water later, like soda ash and limestone.
See the link below if you wish more.

Mike Firth
   Furnace Glassblowing Website
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