gersley borate

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anybody know of a bulk supplier for borate?

ive finished up my 50lb sack and my supplier cant get anymore///


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Re: gersley borate
On Fri, 18 Sep 2009 20:25:15 -0700, Moose Hunter

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Have you tried other borates?  I've been happy
with Gillespie Borate as a direct substitute for
Gerstley.  There are a few others out there (whose
names don't come to mind just now) that might also
work, possibly with some recipe modifications.  If
you can get a decent analysis of whatever brand
you end up with, you can probably use any glaze
program to make the tweaks.

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Re: gersley borate
Moose Hunter wrote:

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I heard Laguna Clay is trying to re-open the mine. You might try their
web site.


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