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Hello I'm French woodturner and I'm searching for a woodturning supplier for
pen kit, perfume atomizer, woodturning goods and more. And why not becoming
a french retailer.
Please send your best links.
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Probably because any intelligent retailer would have been smacked down by the local frenchies for becoming too "american" like the hoorah over Micki dees a few years ago. Sides, everone knows the french are better then anybody else at everything.
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Hi Jean-LouLou,
formatting link
the kind of stuff you are after, and I thoroughly recommend theircatalogue. It has a lot of useful information which doesn't appear on thewebsite.
They also have a French side to their operation, where they run woodturning courses
formatting link

Hope this helps
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Frank McVey
On Tue, 20 Apr 2004 02:43:58 GMT, moyo hurled these words of wisdom into the ether:
I'm with you partway on this, Moyo, but what if everyone in the world judged Americans by the likes of Howard Dean, Algore, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone's "body of work", Wolf Blitzed and the cutely-vapid Katie Couric to name a few?
(On second thought, "How do you _like it_ that everyone in the world judges Americans by the likes of Howard Dean....etc.?")
Personally, I don't judge the French, as a people, by supposing that all of them are Jacques Chirac clones, but I will agree that some of them (probably more the polititians than the "real" people.) seem to have short memories.
And finally, it _is_, after all, their country. (Well, since we booted the goose-stepping Germans out and gave it back to them it is, anyhow.) If they don't want golden arches on every street corner (and who can blame them) and Mickey Mouse shoved down their throat, it's really their choice. I don't fault them for wanting to preserve their culture, whatever my personal opinion of it may be.
Which is my way of getting to the point of saying, "that's not a very neighborly way of welcoming a turner to the group, regardless of what you may think of their country or its politics."
Oh, and by the way, ethnocentrism isn't unique to the French...or the Japanese, or Germans, or Brits, or Americans, or Swedes or Dutch. It's a pretty common POV to assume that "we" are better than "them."
- Chuck *#:^) chaz3913(AT)yahoo(dot)com ANTI-SPAM Sig - Remove NOSPAM from email to reply <
September 11, 2001 - Never Forget
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Even though my apology doesn't really mean anything, I do apologize for biggoted people like Mayo that put down a person or an entire country based on ill-conceived ideas or limited information.
Welcome to the board. Hope you enjoy it. Earl
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