How to build a damp room

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Can I use Drylock to waterproof a damp room?

I would like to build a damp room inside an existing structure.  I need
a way to waterproof the walls to prevent damage to sheetrock and
humidity in surrounding rooms.  I am considering using FRP panels
( ) but it occured to me that it
would be cheaper (and easier) to use Dryloc waterproofing paint
( ).

Re: How to build a damp room
Why don't you simply line the area with plastic that painters use for
covering the floor?  It is very inexpensive, easy to use and thick enough to
be sturdy.  It will certainly give you the humidity you want.  I have used
this inside of a metal storage closet and it works if anything too well.  I
have to remember to open the doors or things never dry at all.  The metal
has not rusted so I know that it would keep surrounding areas 'safe'.


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Re: How to build a damp room
Thanks for the advice.  I should have mentioned that this is for a
classroom - I need a solution that will last as many years as it can.

Re: How to build a damp room
If you do what Donna suggests, only use several cabinets from a 2nd hand
Office Furniture Store, you will have the capacity, plus flexibility,
AND save money.
This is what we had at several of the schools I taught in many years
ago, and we were never short of space!


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Steve Mills

Re: How to build a damp room

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    I would say yes.

    I just drylocked my basement last spring and then left the windows open
for some other work. Warm moist air meets icy cold waterproof surface... The
condensation that built up did not penetrate the drylock and instead
gathered in large pools on the floor.

    So if you do this, be prepared for it to work extremely well.  There
will be dew if there are any temperature variances.

    Doesn't spread well, takes at least two coats, but leaves a layer of
smooth rubber on it's surface.

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