more update requests?

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Taria, thanks for asking for updates. Still several missing in action
quilters lurking about.

Anyone heard from Pami lately?
Anything new from Larisa?
Musicmaker - how are Sam and Hannah doing?
Anyone else that hasn't reported in lately?

in Alberta, Canada

Re: more update requests?
sounds like you're feeling disconnected!  Sam and Hannah are still in
NICU, but breathing room air and getting Mommy's milk.  They're
growing well and Mom and Dad go to hold them and feed them several
times a day.  big sister Mady hasn't met them yet, being too young for
NICU, but knows all about them and talks about them all the time.
thanks for asking.


Re: more update requests?
I try to send messages to Pami regularly, and hear from her about every
other week.  She has been feeling down lately, and her back/ ribs hurt a
I heard from her more than a week ago.  She can sure use our prayers and
warm thoughts.
Barbara in SC

Re: more update requests?
Pami has a CaringBridge site that she updates regularly.

Julia in MN

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Re: more update requests?
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I'm here!!!  Not doing much tat requires sewing, though I did start a
"Princess Ariel" quilt for a friend's daughter and will be working on
a superhero (BatMan and SpiderMan) for the same friend's son - she's
expecting their third, and I didn't want the 2 older children to feel
left out and neglected with all the attention going ot the newest
family member.

I'm mending clothing for the family right now and working out what
wardrobe additions I need to do to make an all-season wardrobe where
everything can be worn with pretty much everything else.  Next project
is a light-weight jumper and then some more tops!

I've also been busy getting things ready for the upcoming MOPs year -
my last after 10 years!!!  I'm the "committee head" for Creative
Activities, which really doesn't mean that much, but according to one
of the outgoing steering team members, it means I do the grunt
work...yeah right!  When this year's steering team heard that comment,
they were livid.  However, the "grunt work" involved was shopping for
craft supplies, organizing the supplies by the craft that they go
with, and making samples of the different crafts, so I'm not upset
about it at all.  At this itme, there are 6 tablecloths and runners
completed, supplies groups and samples made for about 6 different
crafts, name badges painted and ready for decoration by the members,
centerpieces (flowerpots to hold pens and such) decorated by color,
and 34 bottles of "chocolate lover's milk bath" ready to be wrapped in
holiday fabric to give out at the CHristmas party...yes, they are
almost finished and it isn't even JULY!!!

Today I'm a little stressed because I'm waiting to here where my photo
shoot is going ot be - at the newspaper office or at my house.  Most
likely it will be at the office since we are grey and overcast with a
high probability of rain.  As to what it's for...I had an hour-long
interview with the write of our "CheepSkates" column - where she
shares frugal tips and encourages readers to submit their own hints
and tips.  Because I'm a regular reader/responder to her blog, she
asked if she could interview me for an upcoming article (or series of
articles) that she is planning.  NO PROBLEM!!!!  However, the photo
session might be an issue - what do I wear?? (something I made, my
"uniform" of jeans and a fitted tshirt???), do I *need* to wear makeup
since I really can't stand it???, hair up or hair down??  DO they need
me to bring anything if I'm going to be at the studio???  YIKES!!!  Ah
well, nothing to do but wait until she either calls me or emails me,
and that will be sometime in the next hour or so.

Other than that, I'm gearing up for summer school and summer fun with
the children, trying to get work done so that the garage can finally
get finished, and the routine household nonsense.  But......I'm still
here!  Just reading more than responding at this point.


Re: more update requests?
One small suggestion Larisa, so don't get mad at me.  BUT when I see a few
of the interviews on TV I mostly think that surly the person knew in advance
they were going to be interviewed so why didn't they at least wear some make
up, and a lipstick that would show up on TV..  Sounds like you will be very
busy this next year!
Barbara in SC

Re: more update requests?
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Thanks,,thought about it.....talked with writer and she checked with
photographer....nixed the makeup.  Ah well...he said that I was a
natural, but needed to smile a bit more, which promptly made me laugh
while he kept firing the camera...argh.  Took almost an hour from the
time I got there until we were done and I had everything bagged back
up (LOTS of clothing that I have made as well as other things because
they also wanted to mention my business...yay!)....she wanted pictures
of me surrounded by fabric mending clothes...didn't happen that way,
but did have shots of fabric piles, rotary cutter, quilting ruler,
dressmaker's shears, patterns, box of bobbins, and spools of

Just got off the phone with my mother and she commented that she
hasn't heard me sound THIS tired in a long her that
I got home 30 minutes before the children got home from school, which
was just enough time to get everything put back where it basically have been going non-stop since 630 this
morning....oh, and I mis-read the cooking instrutions for dinner so
had to come up with a substitute (somehow missed the "cook for 1 hour
covered with aluminum foil" and only saw the bake for 30-35 minutes
part....argh...but we will have it tomorrow night instead.  Good thing
I had quick back-up meals.

I think I will probably head off ot bead early tonight....unless I get
too antsy and decide to go walking to burn off residual stress energy


Re: more update requests?
Hey Larisa
Thanks for the update. Wow, you always seem to get so much done! Congrats on
the interview. That should be good advertising for you.
in Alberta, Canada

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