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I know most people have their traditions and cook or eat certain things
on certain days, like holidays. well today i was feelin kinda low with
enough of a annoying headache I did not want to go across the street to
a cookout and listen to the LOUD music and put up with a couple who tend
to over indulge. So I COOKED!!

Now not to brag on meelf, but I like to and am a good cook. I do not
like to a lot in the summer but after getting up I looked and put
together a bunch of stuff I had. I did buy a eggplant the other daythat
I was going to put on the grill.

So what did I cook? I cooked a chicken eggplant parmaghaina. I had some
leftover HOMEMADE spaghetti sauce ithe freezer and used that as my base.
i put the breasts in a stoneware casserole dish,poured beer over them,
covered them with onions then came the zucchini and eggplant. I then
topped it with my sauce.  

If i do not mind saying, it was quite deliciuos and have enough
leftovers for about three more meals!1


10 for 05

OKC Dave


Re: Yum Yum!!
Traditional to the McBeth's - grilled cheeseburgers, potato salad, baked  
beans, chips, lemonade, brownies. The older kids come home when they know  
Dad's grillin burgers.

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Re: OT: Yum Yum!!
  snipped-for-privacy@webtv.net (OKC Dave) wrote:

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um... frozen pizza.... *pout*

and I LOVE eggplant parm......  ya tease!  LOLOL

Re: OT: Yum Yum!!
Yum Dave, that sounds good! We had  
Ky fried chicken dinners and birthday cake and ice cream!

Sabrina in Kentucky

a good friend is a life long treasure

Re: Yum Yum!!
I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that /i might incriminate
myself... LOL!


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Re: Yum Yum!!
I started a tradition years ago when a friend asked me to teach her how to  
make fried chicken on the 4th of July at her party.  Now cooking enough  
chicken for about 40 people was the pits and I'll never do it again.  BUT my  
kids have asked for it year after year, so for a family of FOUR I make fried  


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Re: Yum Yum!!
We had french toast...lol.  My husband had to work, and my car has a flat  
( not that I drive many places anyway ).  Victoria and I had french toast  
and watched the second half of My Fair Lady...then we walked down to the  
corner and watched fireworks through the roofs of houses.  When we came home  
I pulled out some sparkler candles I had bought and never used. ( real  
sparklers are not allowed here )...they were not as fun as I had hoped...oh  
well....it was interesting at least.


Re: Yum Yum!!
Sounds oh so tasty Dave!!!  And did you invite your neighbor lady to join
you?  (heehee, running for cover, I know he'll be throwing something my
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Re: Yum Yum!!
Sounds wonderful, you can come cook for me anytime!   Barb:o)

Barb from S'toon, Sk., Canada
There are easier things to do than finding a good man, nailing jello to a  
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Re: Yum Yum!!
You can keep the eggplant, but pass the chicken please.  LOL  Nothing  
spectacular here.  I worked my heinie off getting my parents' album sorted,  
scans stitched together, and had to go back and add 20-something spacers  
because the album looked like an alligator.  LOL  We kept supper nice and  
simple...hot dogs cooked on our little indoor grill (very yummy that way, I  
might add), and burgers.  Good news is we have several leftover hot dogs!!  

Deb in AR - Desert Rat at heart!
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Re: OT: Yum Yum!!
Ah - I love a man who can cook!

My DB and I had a LOT of food - and he did most of the cooking - he's a
GREAT cook - probably one of the highest functioning bachelor's I've
ever met in that regard. Of course, sounds like Dave gives him a run
for his money!

(Previous men in my life have specialized in grilled cheese sandwhiches
or Macaroni and cheese at best!)

Anyway - we had grilled pork (marinated in something yummy for 3 days),
BBQ chix w/homemade BBq sauce, sausages (I only had a bite, I was
stuffed already) and a cprese salad, corn on the cob, and potatoes.


Glad to hear ya'll had a great one!


Re: OT: Yum Yum!!
I cooked Fajitas for around 25 people.... They were yummy but that was
a lot of work!

--Tammy in TX

Re: Yum Yum!!
Now that sounds wonderful...........EXCEPT..........Where is the cheese. I
love eggplant parm. Never have put the chicken in it. But always lots of

I had the normal meals. Meat, lots of different veges. We don't eat rice or
potatoes so that was depressing. I found out a month ago that I had high
sugar. Dibeties. Hump is that how you spell it? Oh well you know what I
mean. Anyway I miss my white rice and potatoes and white bread. Gone for
good in my life with a whole lot more. I hate to cook and eat now. Use to
cook big homemade meals with wonderful cakes. No more. Sob,sob,sob.


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Re: Yum Yum!!
I know exactly what you mean. My husband has bouts with pancreatitis. Gone  
are the spicy foods from our dinner table.

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Re: Yum Yum!!

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Irene hon... start looking for low carb pastas (yes they make them) and  
SUCRA is your new best friend.. my bil is diabetic and my mom is too..  
and eats alot of pasta.. you can get whole wheat breads (can't eat as  
much but still) and that low carb pasta is getting easier to find!

Re: Yum Yum!!
Irene, I am a diabetic and I eat those things in moderation. My sugar is
pretty well controlled by my medication. There are some great Diabetic
cook books out there,too.
  I think I do better when I go by my exchanges and watch all the food I
I limit my bread to one serving a day and  
usually I choose a bagel with a tsp butter
The butter can be substituted with tsp cream cheese. After awhile,you
learn what you can and cannot tolerate.
  I think eating sensibly makes you feel less constrained. I use my
potato as a starch and make a small baked potato...
A tsp butter here is very satisfying,too
My diabetc counseler stresses  the more you eat normally... the better
you will do. You won't feel so deprived.  

Sabrina in Kentucky

a good friend is a life long treasure

Re: Yum Yum!!
Sounds delicious Dave.

Teresa in MD

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