6" wide by 10" long

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Hi -- I've received help here before for my own (very, very basic)
sewing projects, and I'm hoping you can help me again.

I'm editing a book of sewing patterns, and -- among other things -- I'm
tidying up the writing. The patterns are for fairly simple projects.

As it is now, the directions will say, for example:
        Cut two rectangles, each 10" long by 15" wide.
I would like to cut the "long" and "wide," as they seem unnecessary to
me. Am I missing a reason for them to be there? Do they give information
that I haven't picked up on?


Re: 6" wide by 10" long
Yes, the terms may be necessary, if the fabric is directionally
patterned and if you are not going to give other, more specifc
instructions regarding placement/orientation of the 10"x15"
rectangular  "pattern" on the fabric. (i.e. which way should the
fabric's pattern run on the 10" x 15" pieces.)

To me, if someone gave instructions that you should cut 2 pieces 10"
long by 15" wide, and did not give other specifics, I would assume
that the pieces should be cut with the 10" parallel to the selvages
("long"), and should be cut with the material folded finished side in,
with selvages mated.

It is one thing to be as concise as possible, but you do not want to
lose clarity for your reader.

my .02 cents..


On Mon, 1 Oct 2007 17:00:14 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com (Sara
Lorimer) wrote:

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Re: 6" wide by 10" long

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That's the only reason I could think of. It doesn't make a difference in
some of these patterns, but I'll leave them in when there's a
possibiliy. Thanks!


Re: 6" wide by 10" long
jusme wrote:
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The cutting directions may be necessary also in terms of fabric grain.
Lengthwise grain has less stretch than crosswise grain, and depending on
the project, it might be important that the 10" cut edges have the most

Doreen in Alabama

Re: 6" wide by 10" long
That's probably right, but for a beginner (and fairly simple projects
implies inexperienced sewers) it might not be obvious. In this case, I'd be
more inclined to explain it as jusme has done, even though it would be


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Re: 6" wide by 10" long
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There's typically more stretch on the crossgrain than the lengthwise grain of
most fabrics, so if there is a need for stretch or stability, the
grain direction may be important.

However, "long" and "wide" don't mean a whole lot to me in this instance...
I'd sooner specify a 10x15" rectangle, lengthwise grain in the 15" direction.
But then you've got to explain grain...  


Re: 6" wide by 10" long
In all honesty, I was really trying to cheat out on having to explain
grain...  (laughter)


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