Tough Fabric for Grocery Bags?

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The ripstop nylon is the best.  It washes well, dries quickly, and is
really strong.  The seams hold well too.  The fabric is a bit
expensive, though.  I found a set of bags, already made, five bags for
$17, and that includes a pouch.  That's actually tough to beat, even
making them yourself.  A lot cheaper than envirosax, chico bags, baggu
and those fancy-shmancy ones. The bags I found were at
.  I think to make that set probably took them about 20 square feet of
fabric, which would cost me on the order of $10 or more (I
think...didn't shop too hard yet).  I might just buy instead of make
on this one.


Re: Tough Fabric for Grocery Bags?

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I purchased my bags at Ebay.....10 for 15 dollars (shipping included).  

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Re: Tough Fabric for Grocery Bags?
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You can get rip-stop fabric at the link below at $7.49 a yard, at 60"
wide, that's 15 sq ft (approx). Pretty close, maybe a tad higher than
breezy bags if you add tax and shipping.

Thanks for sharing breezy bags with us! :) I have a project to make my
own, but now I may do breezy bags instead. Only question now, is how
bad do I want to play with construction designs - I think I'm doubtful
the benefit is worth the time, unless the benefit is purely to have
fun playing with design.

Re: Tough Fabric for Grocery Bags?
There's a give-away going on for a set of these bags: /

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