Grocery bags

I've followed links to patterns for grocery bags several times, and
every last one has been lined.
Why would one line a shopping bag? It seems to me that a lined bag
would be harder to wash.
Mounting a decorative fabric on a stiffer one, I can see. And I
underlined the bottom of my bull-denim tote because I thought it would
catch more wear than the sides. But what is the point of making two
bags and sewing them together at the mouth?
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Joy Beeson
On Mon, 10 Dec 2018 22:38:49 -0500, Joy Beeson
I like these ones - simple, un-lined,
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,42194,47776 John T.
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Le 11/12/2018 à 04:38, Joy Beeson a écrit :
I like to make mine double.
reasons: 1. it makes them tidy You can't see the stitching/overlocking 2. It makes them stronger. 3. If they get something on them, I can be a mucky pup, I can turn them over until I get them into the wash.
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Claire in France
:I've followed links to patterns for grocery bags several times, and :every last one has been lined.
:Why would one line a shopping bag? It seems to me that a lined bag :would be harder to wash.
People who make these things are doing it as an arts & craft project, not for utility. From a utility standpoint, I don't think you can justify making them versus just buying them. A number of outlets offer canvas or canvas like bags cheaper than I could get fabric for.
I buy them from Trader Joe's, who sell an amercian sewn canvas bag of standard 1/6 barrel capacity for like $3. They're reasonably durable, and last a few years. I make an addition: I sew a piece of webbing about 50" long to use as a shoulder strap. I put a plastic buckle in, so the length can be adjusted, and it can be clipped to things. The should strap makes it much easier to carry, and makes it possible to carry six or ten from the car to the house.
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David Scheidt
I buy the ones from Walmart and they look like the ones that have been around for years. The exception to these are they are stiff on the sides and have a fold down bottom that is also stiffened. They do fold up easily for storage but the main thing I like about them is once opened they will stay open and not collapse on themselves unless full. When opened they are pretty much like a box and sorry I can't find a picture of them. But they're around $3.50 at Wally World.
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I generally start beginners on Nancy Restuccia's Classic Open Tote from her book, Hold it!, because the instructions are closer to English than Sewing Speak, and we usually substitute home made straps for the webbing straps specified. It's unlined, but there are a number of variations given.
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As to why lined, I dunno. Considering the microbial flora in the average reuseable grocery bag, mine go in the wash every week...
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(Purses are at least as bad, btw:
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Kay Lancaster

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