Coats Eloflex thread

HAs anyone tried Coats eloflex thread. I tried it on a pocket on a pair
of pants. Worked fine on the straight seam, but one I got to the curve
it made a mess, the top thread shredded in the needle, got caught in
the machine and was just so difficult to use. I change the top thread
to a spool of Gutterman Mara and had no more problems. I don't know if
it was me or the thread to be honest, but I don't think it was worth
the aggravation. I'm usig a ponte roma fabric.
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Thanks Kay Neither is my Viking. I decided to go back to using my Gutterman Mara and a small zig zag stitch. Much better results. I think coats has come up with a real loser with Eloflex. Not worth the cost.
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