Changing weights for different baking dish

I have a recipe for a cake which requires 100gm of flour and 100gms of
butter and two 7" pans. If i change it to a 9" pan, do i
a) multiply the weights of flour and butter by 9/7?
b) multiply by ratio of areas i.e multiply by 81/49 (9^2/7^2) ?
Thank you for your time
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The latter will give you the same depth of layer. And congratulations on doing the maths right!! So many don't have a clue...
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Dave Bell
On Sun, 10 Feb 2008 17:39:00 -0800, Dave Bell wrote:
Probably as many as don't know the difference between the diameter and the radius -- or the circumference and the area. 8;)
-- Larry
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