Focaccia. . 2nd time

Just used the Julia Childs focaccia recipe again but made the three loaves
into bagettes, instead of the flat bread.
Major screw up was my broiler came on and burnt the top of the loaves.
Other than that they were very good. Actually, real good.
. . . Where the recipe called for 3 TBS of active dry yeast I only used 1/4
ounce each time. Yeast worked well, and the first rise was real good, more
than 100 percent. Second rise not that great. And the final rest before
baking was about like to the second rise, guessing 50 percent.. .. . nothing
to write home about.
. . . The bagettes did rise alot during baking.
Since no sugar is used in the recipe, I am wondering if that is the reason
for the slow 2nd and final rises. Nothing to feed the yeast.
I guess I should go by the recipe and just go ahead and use the 3 TBS yeast.
Should solve all the problems. There is a 36 hour refrigeration period for
the three balls, after the dough is kneaded into membrane like window
consistency. Then the rises.
. . . Major problem is the 3 loave have a real tough time lasting 2.5 days.
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I recently went to a class to learn how to make focaccia bread at my local library and read your post about trying the Julia Chillds recipes. I didn't get to try it yet and think I will use the baguettes first. Served with pasta, meat sauce and cheese cake for dessert with Kona coffe and I'll be in heaven. My daughter-in-law still has my springform pan so I need to call to get it back. I also have to place a holiday order from
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to make sure I have plenty onhand for company along with loaves of focaccia.
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