White Loaf bread

I saw the baker, Craig Kominiak, make this bread on Julia Childs TV show.
So I doubt any copyright applies.
He is the contributor to Julia's 'Baking with Julia' book (p.81), where this
recipe exists.
This is bread (makes 2 loaves) like my mother used to make. There is
no overnight refrigeration of the dough. It's about a 3 hour process. It
worked the devil out of my Kitchenaide mixer, but it made a really good
bread. I really enjoyed making this bread, almost as much as devouring it.
7 cups unbleached white flour (approx).
1 TBS each, active dry yeast,
2 oz unsalted soft butter (1/2 stick).
3.5 cups warm water.
standard bread making...
yeast is activated in 1/2 C warm water with the sugar, 5 mins.
3 cups flour go into the mixer on top of the yeast mixture (all 3.5 cups
salt and remaining flour go in after mixer controls the first part.
The soft butter is added towards the end of the mixing, and the dough may
come apart, but it goes back together.
Let it rise, deflate it, divide in two and form loaves, proof in buttered
pans, and bake 35-45 minutes @ 375 preheated.
. . . .Only mistake I made was I fell asleep while waiting for the loaves to
cool so I could sample them. When I awoke they had totally cooled. I had
to nuke a few buttered slices to re-warm them...great.
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Actually, that "mistake" worked to your advantage.
In France, it is not legal to sell bread while it is still warm from the oven.
That is rooted in a taste issue.
When a bread is warm from the bake, it still has in it all sorts of byproducts of fermentation that will give it subtle off tastes.
As it cools, those materials evaporate. As a result, it will have its best taste after it cools, and is then re-warmed.
All the best,
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