Having problems with our proofbox

We have a proofbox at work , that holds 2 speedracks worth of pans (but is
not a roll-in). On the bottom, it has a unit, that heats water for steam.
The water is plumbed into it, so we don't have to manually fill it. The unit
has broken down, and after being able to rig it for years, I would like to
get a new one, but can't find one other than for specific model proof boxes.
Has anyone ever seen any product that might fits our needs? The proofbox
itself is over 20 years old, but the cabinet is in excellent shape. It was
made by a company called Wilder. They no longer have something to replace
they said. All their current units fit into forms in their current model
Thanks for any help,
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Is it electric? or steam from the heating system?you need to trouble shoot it, find out if the heating element gets hot first, then if it does see if the water is being heated, Make sure you unplug it if it is electric, so you dont electrocute yourself.post what you find and we might be able to suggest a direction.
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By the way I have seen proofboxes in bakeries that were just and electric frypan with another deeper pan of water in it,,,
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If your unit is heated electrically, I am assuming the water level in the reservoir is maintained by a float valve system of some sort. If you check with a refrigeration repair tech you will see an assortment of cheap plastic ice machine water float valves that should be able to be adapted to your proof box. I doubt the temperature in the proof box would be damaging to the plastic. If the heater actually boils the water, then you will need to locate a metal type valve.
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