Help! Unevenly cooked cake with convection oven

My bakery is trying to transition from a conventional oven to a gas
commercial convection oven.
Our cakes are all coming out overcooked on the outside with an undercooked
The ovens are used and have not been calibrated. We don't know if they are
working correctly. Cookies seem to come out fine using the ovens, but all
of our cakes have come out wrong.
We have been forced to use our conventional oven for now, but because of our
volume, it's very hard to do so.
Any hints would be appreciated.
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Convection ovens are fine when it comes to roasting but they are terrible when it comes to baking, especially anything that has to rise such as a cake. They simply cause the crust to form too fast before the batter has been given sufficient time to rise. You need to bake everything 50 degrees cooler than what you would normally bake it at. Even when you do that the results aren't as good as a regular oven.
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Thanks for the advice. We are trying to cook 1/2 sheet cakes with the fan speed on low. Should the fan speed by on high, perhaps, or would that make the problem worse? Also, we have lowered the temperature quite a bit, and we're up to about an hour cooking time.
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keep your fan speed on low and good luck. I also work with both types of ovens, for genoise, I would never use a convection oven. If you are baking something that is more forgiving, like a bundt cake, then you can get away with a convection. But really, cakes are better done in a conventional oven. I normally use my convection for breads, cookies, pies, pastries, meringues. Other than those, it's a conventional oven.
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Well, we finally cooked a good cake in our convection oven, but it took a lot longer than we wanted.
The magic formula:
200 degrees, low fan speed, rotate once, cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes
It's really enlightening to me to hear all of the bakers that don't use convection ovens for their cakes.
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