How to stipple bread??

I have read recently that if one "stipples" bread it improves the
appearance and the flavor of a bread. I gather that one pierces the
loaf before baking.
I have no idea how this is done. Do you do this before the second rise?
How far in do you pierce the dough? How many times and how far apart?
I am finding that this info is very difficult to find. Any advice or
info about websites that have stippling info would be greatly
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Stippling..? IF you mean putting holes in the dough.... That is called docking in bakery parlance...Its main purpose is to remove bubbles in the crust ,promotes even dough expansion and therefore the improvement of bread appearance and also improves internal uniformity of the bread. Regarding flavor improvement, AFAIK there is no scientific basis that docking could influence such.
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Stippling the bread is referring to the diagonal slashes found on bagettes or occasionally the hash marks on round loafs. It allows the crust to curl back in spots, creating a nice visual and crunchy textured crust on top. It is accomplished by slicing the bread shallowly (I do around an 8th to 3/1 6th of an inch deep) with a very sharp knife. Do so in one clean quick moti on. You may find this easiest to do with an extremely sharp blade dipped in water before each slice.
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