how to use silicone ice ball mold for home

When we have a cup of wine ,you need to have a pcs of ice cream to cool the wine ,we use the silicone ice ball mold to do it .
1 ,silicone ice ball mold is made of 100% food grade silicone ,FDA ,LFGB standar .
2 ,heat resistant from -40 to 230 degree .
3 , hardness 30-80 degree to choose .
4 ,it is Eco-friendlys ,harmless and non-toxic.
how to use it ?
1 , Attach top and bottom pieces, make sure that they are closed tight.
2 , Pour water or any freezable liquid into hole in top. Leave a little space on top.
3 , Make sure it is closed well and then store in freezer.
4 , Allow time to completely freeze.
5 , Run under warm water to release the seal before opening.
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