Make a Fashion Cake to My Daughter'Birthday

The birthday is very important to child and the family ,when my daughter birthday is coming ,we will send some gifts and DIY a birthday cake for her ,daughter was born in rabbit years ,we will add a cute milk rabbit on the cake ,that will make my daughter very happy .
When everything is ready ,we start to make the cake . The first ,wash the silicone baking cake pan ,we choose the round shape silicone baking pan ,we add a drop of dish detergent to warm water ,with a non-abrasive sponge to clean the pan .
The second ,we prepare the cake materials ,and preheat the microwave oven .
The third ,place the silicone pan on a silicone mat or plate ,that will make it easy to remove the silicone pan from oven without burning yourself .
The fourth ,pour the cake materials to the silicone pan The fifth ,place the silicone oven mat in your oven ,when your cake had finished baking ,remove the silicone mat and put it on a heat resistant surface to cool ,this can take 10-20 minutes .
The sixth ,remove the bake cake by silicone kitchen utensils . The last ,we put the cake in a beautiful cake box to decorate the birthday cake ,we use some fruit ,flowers, cake with cream ,make a rabbit picture on the cake ,it is very funny and fashionable .
Silicone bakeware can make many product what you want .
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