Making bread on a copper counter top?

We are in planning stage of a kitchen remodel. My wife and I both like the look of a copper countertop. We also like the fact that it ages and changes. We could go with granite but love the look of the copper and don't mind the added maintenance. This will be on the island where I knead the bread, I was wondering if anyone has experience making bread on a copper work surface. I'd hate to put it in then discover that it's a problem. Thanks
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Wray DeLarme
pltrgyst ( writes:
I'd be more worried about the getting too much copper into the body.
That and the fact that while copper looks nice when all bright and shiny, it doesn't stay that way for long. I was about fifteen before I realized all those green church roofs were actually copper, and simply hadn't been cleaned. I thought that sort of torquoise I saw on the roofs was "normal".
Hence unless someone is willing to clean the tarnish on a very regular basis, one has to actual put some sort of clear covering over the well cleaned copper so the air can't get to it.
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Michael Black
Some are; some aren't. And there's a reason for those that aren't, as well (think Kitchen Aid copper mixing bowls...)
-- Larry
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