NYT No-Knead recipe - baking container for same

I don't have a LeCreuset dutch oven.
I have a Mehu-Liisa fruit steamer and its water pan can work as a
roaster - pic here -
scroll down. It's pretty substantial.
I have a Schlemmertopf clay roaster.
I have a crockpot with removable ceramic insert.
What is my best choice to bake this bread in? I'm fretting over
preheating the container to 450° ? I keep thinking something awful is
going to happen to it when I dump the dough into it for baking.
Whaddaya think?
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Melba's Jammin'
I use a plain old (and I mean *old*) Griswold cast iron Dutch oven...maybe 5 qts. You can use Magnalite, or likely the bottom of the juicer, too.
Many postings online have mentioned using clay bakers, too.
You can use ceramic quite easily, and I think the insert for the slow cooker will work as long as it is oven safe. Corning ware, Pyrex, any of them will work You can use almost anything at all that has a top and will tolerate pre-heating and baking.
The advantage of cast iron, at least to me, is that the pot I use is well seasoned and releases the bread beautifully.
The beauty of the recipe is its flexibility - it not just tolerates but shines with flour/grain variations and a wide range of baking pots do it justice, as well.
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Boron Elgar
You can use anything that's ovenproof like a stainless steel saucepan as long as it has a lid. By the way anybody see last Wednesday's NY Times...another "no knead" idea. Doesn't require a dutch over..bakes in the oven and takes a lot less time. Recipe makes 4 loaves so I halved it, baked one and saved the rest of the dough for later. Worked our REAL good...better than the original Bittman recipe in my opinion. Try it, and see. Should be able to get the recipe from
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under "food and drink"? or this weeks recipes.
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Ron Dorland
I use a crockpot liner with an all-glass lid. I do wipe it with a light schmear of lard, prior to preheating. Most of the grease will burn off at 450 - 500 F, but my loaf doesn't stick...
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Dave Bell
On Nov 26, 8:57 am, Melba's Jammin' wrote:
I leave all those "fancy" cookware pots at the store. I have a $30 Lodge dutch oven w/ lid In bought 25 years ago. It is the best for so many things from baking and roasting to using as a deep fryer. Great for camping too! We use it camping to make a deep dish pizza.
In just love that bread recipe. Been trying to create that style of breadn for years....and every loaf is perfect.
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