Re: Does your springform pan leak?

> I tried to make a crustless quiche in my instant pot. When I lifted
>> the pan with egg mixture to put in pot there was egg all over the
>> counter? What a disappoint I guess I will try parchment next time??
>> Sounds like I am not alone when searching online?
> They were never waterproof and not designed so.
I just used a little one (5") to bake the left-over stuffing from a
batch of which I cooked the bulk in an 8-hole mini-loaf tin. I was
worried that the fat* from the mix would melt and drain out, so I put
the little springform on the oven shelf above the loaf tin, so it would
at least drain onto the others below...but when I took them out, to my
amazement it hadn't leaked a drop.
I'm sure they weren't designed as leakproof, but this one at least seems
to be. I believe you *
can* get leakproof ones, with a silicone sealing
band around the loose bottom, but I've never used or held one.
Before trying a crustless quiche I might just try filling it with water :-)
This is a meat-heavy 18th century forcemeat recipe, rather than a
modern breadcrumb-style stuffing.
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