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Baking Bread from Scratch -- how to video
I made a short video on baking bread. The link is here: it glosses over many fine points, I think it illustrates thebasic stuff pretty well. I hope it is of some use to other novice bakers like...
13 years ago 3
any recepies of bread...
hi,i just want to know there is anyone here can help me how to make a bread and given some recepies and how to make it...i love bread especially cheese bread and puff sardine or curry...i hope...
13 years ago 2
A different wedding cake
There are photographs on "flickr" of a truly amazing wedding cake made for a wedding here on Stronsay last year (the bride's father is a local cattle and sheep farmer!)
13 years ago
Dry measurements
Hi everyone. I wonder if you can help. Does anyone know where I can find a list of American cup measurements. For example: 1 cup flour = 5 oz. 1 cup sugar = 8 oz. I'm wanting to convert some recipes I...
13 years ago 4
Why has my bread stopped rising?
HI there I bake in a relatively high altitude of 1000 metres or more than 3000 feet (Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia). It took me some adjustment to cope with the higher altitude than I...
13 years ago 6
Beautiful Bread
This recipe made the MOST beautiful bread I have ever seen. Of course...the method and ingredients made me wonder....but WOW! @@@@@ Now You're Cooking! Export Format No-Knead Bread breads 3 cups...
13 years ago 12
[Fwd: Pastorio - bad news]
This was posted to a little while ago. If you've a message for Pastorio, now's the time. I'm copying and pasting it. - - - - - - - - "I've "known" Bob for years and received this message this morning...
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Article title: chocolate mud cupcakes
Article title: chocolate mud cupcakes First posted: Sun 29 Oct 2006 Description: Article text: chocolate mud cupcakes These cupcakes are so simple to make you won't hesitate to make another batch! 300...
13 years ago
Resin gifts
13 years ago
Smetana used instead of sour cream
Where I live it's impossible to find sour cream. There is a similar russian product called Smetana with 30% fat. Anybody knows as whether this can be used instead of sour cream in baking? How much fat...
13 years ago 2
Bakers Brownie recipe/wanted
I was at a bake sale and bought this brownie and I've never tasted anything like it. The recipe came from a very old...OLD Bakers Chocolate Cookbook and it used "shortening and cocoa powder"
13 years ago 3
Do the french know how to make Chocolate Chip Cookies?
When I last went there the bakery only had buttery cookies no chocolate chips As we all know, there is only one bakery in the whole of France It must be a VERY busy place No, they've outsourced the...
13 years ago 3
Do you use the very best ingredients?
Do you love to cook and use the very best ingredients? Then share your love with friends and neighbors by starting your own home business. Watkins associates needed. Flexible hours. $500-$1,000/month...
13 years ago
speeding up soakers + two or more other questions
Can I effectively speed-up soakers with ingredients such as millet, flax seeds, quinoa grain and steel-cut oats by cooking them like a hot breakfast cereal without losing much of the flavor or...
13 years ago 2
Turtle brownies recipe, where's the brownie?
My son isn't a big cake eater but he loves brownies. I want to make him Turtle Brownies for his birthday, but all the recipes I find use cake mix. Will this recipe come out like brownies because of...
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