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Wide waxed paper
Does anyone know if wider than 12 inch waxed paper is available? I like to use it to roll my pie dough out on as I can see through it but standard width is hardly wide enough. Thanks. Yes, Mansfield...
13 years ago 4
I need a user manual for bread maker
I recently recieved a Hitachi Automatic Home bakery Plus HB-B201 with no manual. Can anyone tell me if they were able to find a place on- line to download the users manual? If so WHERE? There is a...
13 years ago 1
Something easy and wonderful!!
Needing something after Mardi Gras a little lighter...this turned out very nice. Found it on Cooking Light....very easy!! I substituted buttermilk for the regular milk. I find it makes a tender crumb....
13 years ago 1
Oh my god How about your feeling?
We love mcdonalds??? speak in chinese
13 years ago
Hitachi HB-B201 Manual
I have the Hitachi HB-B201 User manual in a PDF format. If you want it just e-mail me. I don't have a site on internet to posted and make it available to download. Please forward the copy of the...
13 years ago 10
Why is my chiffon cake so wet?
Hi, I use the following recipe to bake a chiffon cake, but I find that the cake is too wet and sticks together when I cut it: These ingredients are mixed together 200g Self Raising Flour 8 egg yolks...
13 years ago 1
Happy Mardi Gras!
Happy Mardi Gras to all!! This has to be the most decadent chocolate dessert on the planet. Source was Bon Appetit circa 1984? @@@@@ Now You're Cooking! Export Format Lundi Gras Chocolate Cake cakes...
13 years ago
Champion grain grinding attachment
Does anyone know of a source where I might find one of these that fits on the Champion Juicer? Thanks, Faye
13 years ago
Flour and baking products are sold at
I may be late to the party, but I just discovered that sells groceries; there are many flours sold there -- many are specialty flours; i.e., teff, Bob's Red (sp?), Arrowhead Mills and other types....
13 years ago
A valuable guide to the building and use of wood fired ovens. The Bread Ovens of Quebec by Jean Francois Blanchette... Starting price: $19.99 Item URL: End date: Wednesday, Feb 21, 2007 17:29:35 PST
13 years ago
Baking with sour cream
We would like to make scones. Can we use cream that has gone sour or do we have to buy soured cream? have to buy soured cream? Buy sour cream I make scones all the time. I use regular milk, I use...
13 years ago 3
Rosewater in a mince pie?
I'm not interested in baking but in writing a story in which a character bakes. The character will sprinkle rosewater into a mince pie to flavor it -- but at what stage would she do this? Sorry, but...
13 years ago 1
California Business Law (Selling Baked Goods)
We would like to start a small baked goods operation in SoCal... we have submitted our Small Business License and Doing Business As form... What Food Preparation / Health Department regulations are...
13 years ago 3
Battenburg - decadent version
In an earlier thread in November under 'Icing Query', I thought of making a Battenburg with choc frosting, but instead, I opted for royal icing, but I have used chocolate in the recipe. The battenburg...
13 years ago
Re: The Best Pizza Comes From Your Own Kitchen
Please take your spam and shove it. Oh, BTW, the pizza on your Web page looks like shit -- crust much too thick (and very smooth and dense bread-looking), way too much cheese. Go spend a weekend in...
13 years ago