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Hi everyone. I wonder if you can help. Does anyone know where I can
find a list of American cup measurements. For example:
1 cup flour = 5 oz.
1 cup sugar = 8 oz.
I'm wanting to convert some recipes I have from an American book my
daughter bought me on a recent visit and I thought a list of the
ingredients in this form would be useful.
I hope you can help.
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I don't know where you can find the direct conversion chart you seek; but, I think the conversions you have, above, are incorrect. Every (US) brand and kind of flour I have looked at indicates on the container that there is 120 grams of flour per cup. Assuming the conversion site I always use
formatting link
is correct, 120 grams is4.23 ounces. According to the USDA nutrition database , there are 200 grams of granulated sugar per cup; converting grams to ounces gives 7.05
Since I do most of my ingredient weighing in grams, I can usually get what I need either from the package nutrition data or from this USDA database:
formatting link
luck and happy converstions
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l, not -l

Thanks for your quick replies and for the links.
The conversion charts are really useful.
As for the measurements I have, I found the same measurements in several places, so took these as a guideline. I think these are rounded up, because you don't want to be measuring "point something" of an ounce! So these suited me and I wondered if there was anywhere else I could find for other ingredients such as rice, raisins etc.
I have come to the conclusion that if you stick to the one conversion chart for your recipe, it doesn't matter. As long as you don't mix and match!
The cake was amazing by the way. Joan
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