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Pizza Crispper
Has anyone tried a pizza crispper? What were the results? I assume one does not have to use a stone if one uses a crispper. Is that correct? Also, can a pizza crispper be used for anything else?...
13 years ago 20
iso of cinnamon babka recipe
Does anyone have Jeff Nathan's no knead cinnamon babke recipe with rum syrup and almond paste crunch topping? I lent out my book, never got it back and now want to make the recipe for the holidays...
13 years ago
Where is best place in UK to buy a (domestic) bread making machine?
Any recommendations on where (in the UK) is the best place to build a home breadmaking machine? I dont just want the best price either I want - good customer service - a good range to choose between...
13 years ago 4
The best deal I could find
I was looking for 9" commerical cake pans without the non-stick coating. I went to restaurant supply places, department stores, kitchen stores and searched on the internet. Finally I found exactly...
13 years ago
Cake Stand Reccomendation
I made the mistake of buying a cheap cake stand the first time around and now I am looking to replace it. I will probably purchase via internet/mail order because the local shops only have the cheap...
13 years ago 6
hand mill
How long does it take to grind about 1/2 or 2/3 of a cup of grain with a hand grain mill? Thanks Laura
13 years ago
Preventing cakes from sticking to the pan
I was watching a baking show and the lady said she always kept a mixture - 1/3 Crisco, 1/3 veg oil and 1/3 flour - in her cupboard to spread on the bottom of her cake pans so the cake doesn't stick to...
13 years ago 10
Drake's Coffee Cake with crumb topping
I used to have a recipe for "Drake's Coffee Cake", but have somehow misplaced it. Does anyone have it to share with me? TIA Ceil
13 years ago
If you are look for food then you come to the right place!
If you are look for food then you come to the right place! updated cooking news
13 years ago
Pizza Dough Questions
There comes a time in the pizza dough process when the dough has to rest for 40 minutes or so in a warm place and double in size. A while back I read in a microwave cookbook that the rising could be...
13 years ago 9
substitute for a boxed mix component...
I bought a package of Almond Roca cookie bar mix, and the bottom layer was a combo of flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, and a bunch of stuff that probably isn't needed. It's sort of a shortbread/sugar...
13 years ago 2
Anybody use a dough relaxer?
I was looking at a recipe for pizza dough in the King Arthur book and it says to use, I think it was, 2 teasoons of dough relaxer, which is supposed to relax the gluten and make the dough easier to...
13 years ago 6
Font Question
I know that this is a little off topic but thought that the people here would have plenty of great ideas. I am looking for help finding a font that can be cut out for a stencil. I make cakes and tarts...
13 years ago 5
Recommend a good bread machine? (e.g. Panasonic SD253 any good?)
Hi I'm still looking for that Bread-maker for a wedding present... I just discovered that the groom thinks that SD253 Panasonic might be quite good. Any views? I dont honestly know what the bride n...
13 years ago 3
Recommend a good bread machine?
Hi Any recommendations what's the best breadmaking machine? (I need to give someone a nice wedding present...!) e=2Eg. Are any of them particularly good at making bread out of gluten-free flour?...
13 years ago 2