How do you organize your beads?

Does anybody have any good organizing tips?
This is probably overkill, and I'd have to look at one in person, but we got
a Harbor Freight catalog the other day, and I keep looking at those huge
tool chests. You know the ones on wheels with tons of drawers? I'm just
thinking, "Wow, that would hold a lot of beads!"
And I'm sure my hubby would LOVE me making that part of the bedroom decor.
It's bad enough that I have a desk with all my jewerly stuff in there and
it's messy 90% of the time. (Creative mess, you know.)
Today, hubby brought home one of those hanging jewelry bags that has 90
compartments. He thought I might want to try this because it can hold a lot
and I can see everything.
I'd love to hear some other ideas before I ask for a huge tool chest for my or something!
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You've seen this, but I'll post it for the group:
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Barbara Beader and Polymer Clay Junky
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Barbara Forbes-Lyons
Lurker de-lurking - Jerri, these people had some displays at the Best Bead Show in Tucson last week and they looked pretty good. I think there's an ad in Bead & Button for them, too.
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Jerri -- That's actually a really good idea. And you can spray paint 'em with Rustoleum to match your bedroom's decor. Plus you can line some drawers with silver cloth!
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Dr. Sooz
I've seen them a million times, walking through Home Depot or something but have never really looked at one. Looking in the catalog, they just look so cool. All that space!
And I was sitting here thinking that we never use our bath tub because we have a separate shower. I've probably taken 3-4 baths in there over the past 12 years. Lol. I'd love to get rid of the tub and have that space! Oh yeah, hubby's going to go for that.
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The Dr. (Sooz) actually has the best bead storage I have seen yet. She has map or architectural cabinets, with the shallow drawers, and within them plastic containers of sorted beads. The beads are sorted by color within an inch of their lives, LOL -- i.e. dark green, medium green, light green, etc. You can find anything in there and find it quickly. I really love it.
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Maybe you should just dump them in the bathtub, then they'd be altogether and easy to access! LOL
No kidding, a local fabric/craft store in an old schoolhouse - really cool to treasure hunt in - has an old clawfoot bathtub full of buttons in one of the showrooms - it is so much fun to play around in it!
Seriously, about 75% my beads are so organized I have no idea what I have anymore - and the rest have escaped and are running around everywhere. Then somehow all the other stuff I was trying to organize buried the other stuff I was trying to organize - chaos doesn't begin to describe it.
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Vibrant Jewels

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