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Re: New goodie on the way!
Karen, I have a Camedia 2000Z series and love it! congrats on the purchase and I look forward to seeing the pics! Have fun with your new toy... Deirdre Congrats on the new camera, Karen. I was just...
17 years ago 3
Re: Anklets?
It's like a lobsterclaw, but it turns around so that you can have the clasp perpendicular to attach it, then it will lay parallel afterwards to be more comfortable. That's the best I can describe it -...
17 years ago 1
Re: OT: Pharmaceutical Side Effects
:-( Not being able to keep confidences would be a kick in the solar plexus for me, too. I hope you've nipped your lack of filters in the bud by knowing that they aren't up when under the influence of...
17 years ago 18
Re: AD: New Lampwork Auctions
Well, please enjoy your vacation, 'cause I think that travel ranks right up there with beads...Where you going? The Use of Foul Language in Written Communication: The Tiny Rumblings of the Ineffectual...
17 years ago 5
Re: Technical questions on etching and annealing
another possibility might be that the rougher sides caused more air pockets/bubbles in the etching medium so didn't etch as completely. when i etch i always 'work' the acid to alleviate this...
17 years ago 1
Re: YIPEE!! Newbie Intro!
> My name is Anne and I'm new to this wonderful world of beading. Hi there! First off, I want to compliment you on your wonderful introduction. I guess I'm somewhat of a newbie; like Shirley I rarely...
17 years ago 8