My gift to everyone: How to Tumble Polish Paua Abalone Shell

How to Tumble Polish Paua Abalone Shell
These instructions are for a 3lb rotary tumbler only. (Adjust accordingly)
Paua Shells
Tumbling powder 80 grit
Tumbling powder 600 grit
Polishing powder
Crushed Walnut Shell (optional but really makes them glow)
A Sense of humor
More time
Rubber gloves
A large bucket or 2 I also use a strainer. It makes it much easier to clean
Step One:
Place Paua shell pieces into tumbler but only to the 1/2 to 3/4 way mark.
Just cover the shells with water then add 3 level table spoons of 80 grit
tumbling powder.
Seal tumbler as per manufacturers instructions.
Place on motor Drive system, turn on power and leave town for a week....or just
leave machine running for a week.
Step Two:
After one week of tumbling fill your large bucket 1/2 way with water. Stop the
motor system, uncap the drum, be careful
not to loose any part. Put the drum and contents into the bucket of water.
Turn the drum upside down inside the bucket shaking loose the contents and
washing the drum at the same time.
Wash the contents of the bucket making sure none of the grinding powder is
attached. Once you have the paua out
of the bucket dispose of the contents of the bucket any place but the drain as
it will solidify fast when dry.
DO NOT WASH DOWN YOUR DRAIN PIPES!! This stuff turns to stone when it dries!
Place Paua Shell into a drum as per Step one but these times use 600 grit
powder. Tumble again for one more week.
Step Three.
VERY IMPORTANT.. Make sure your barrel and shells are VERY CLEAN!! I MEAN CLEAN!
I ALWAYS use soap shavings, (DO NOT use liquid soaps or laundry detergents DO
USE Ivory flakes or shave a bar of Ivory
soap it must be pure real soap), and make a thick suds and tumble for 2 hours
than clean them before placing the shells
into the polishing stage!
Clean out your shells once again as per Step two.
Place them into the CLEAN drum once again with the same water level but this
time you place 2 tablespoons of Polishing
powder and 2 tablespoons of Walnut shell (optional, if you don't use the walnut
just add another spoon full of Polishing
powder). Tumble this stage for another week.
Step Four
At this stage your shells will be not throw away your polishing
powder/walnut shell mix, you can reuse
this time and time again. At this stage you might want to place on a pair of
surgical gloves as polishing powder tends
to be very hard to remove from bare skin.
Carefully remove the shells from the drum making sure you leave as much of the
polishing stuff behind. If you have a
back log of shells, you can instantly place them back in there, just make sure
you have covered them with water once
again. The shells once removed must be buffed dry, a good cotton rag is the best
for this.
And that's it. Have fun and you will be amazed at the treasure you will have!
Here is the link I promised to obtain RAW Paua Abalone Shell:
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Say hello to Malcolm and tell him Harry says hello. :) Ladies and gentlemen... Paua Shell will make your Lampwork shine!
Merry Christmas to everyone!
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