Janome 9700

HELP, I have a new Janome 9700 (less than 2 weeks old) and it is already in
for service. I was embroidering along last evening and it made a funny
noise and seized up--I cannot turn the wheel. Thank goodness I bought it
I have had trouble, with thread breaking, have broken 2 needles, and have
problems with bobbin thread jamming.
I have an older Janome (New Home) machine from the early 90's that you
couldn't kill with a cannon and a great Janome serger 634D. This machine is
a pain--really more problems than my cheap Walmart Brother machine.
Has anyone had a similar experience? What did you do to rectify the
problem? Any and all suggestions appreciated.
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I can't help with your problem but I would suggest you ask them to exchange it for another one. If this is happening after only 2 weeks goodness knows what it will be like a year down the road. Good luck.
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Hi sorry to hear that you have trouble with your machine. I got the same machine and am mostly satisfied. But I always go through the pattern before I use them. Looking for dobble stitches... even if I have bougt the pattern through a good company. But if you need help, I think you should go to the yahoo group
formatting link
. Perhaps someone can help you.With love from Vigdis in Norway
"Jon" skrev i melding news:456cc621$0$10301$ snipped-for-privacy@news.qwest.net...
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oh that site is a real hoot. NOT! A new little jackboot jill is born each new day the Navy retires another illiterate jackass!
I have been sewing for over 47 years.A Retired Navy wife.I WILL NOT ALOW AD'S because they take up to much space,I will allow you to tell about a helpful site to designs and other supplies as all of us want to save money that will be in the file area only O:-)NO SHARING OF DESIGNS that are from other digitizers sites and SELLING of them on here I honor all the digitizers as I do digitze my self now over 6 years.if you want to share a design send that person to the site that you got it from Please.it is against Copy rite laws so we have to protect them that work so very hard to give us great designs and that is there business and livelyhood.ATT as of Nov. 2006 I gave the ok to a Lady TerryK to put her own designs she digitized on the site so you can go try them they are great designs they are in Sew and Jef format. hugs ((((())))) Louise Raymond AKA Weze O:-)
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Hi Vigdis, I didn't realize you were in Norway. I have just moved from Trondheim to Houston TX for 1 year. I am hoping to buy a machine here and bring it back with me. I have been looking at the Husqvarna Designer 1, used. The problem is I do not know if the local Husqvarna dealer in Trondheim can help me with the machine or if they sell the same models over there. Do you have any advice?
Kirsten Sollie
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Kirsten Sollie

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