sewing machine

I'm looking for a combination sewing machine and embroider somewhere between
$700 amd $1000. This is a gift for my wife. Some of the adds via the
internet are confusing. They advertise that they have them and others say
I'll have to buy one or the other. I need some help.
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Well Bill, For what it is worth I have recently purchased an Ellure by Babylock. It is on sale until Christmas for $999.00 and that includes lessons. I love mine. It is just about three months old and I have sewen everything from delicates to leather on it and it works wonderfully. I have a number of other very expensive machines and I love this little person for all it does. It originally sold for $2900 and more. I am so spoiled by this machine as it threads so easily and runs so well. Have fun. Matty
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Drop into your friendly, neighbourhood dealers and check out the machines that are available. Better yet, send your wife to your friendly, neighbourhood dealers. Let her try the various machines and choose the one she likes. If you want to surprise her on Christmas morning, give her a card telling her she can go and pick the machine she wants, within the dollar limits you specify.
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