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I am looking for a new sewing machine that is good for all types of sewing,
crafts, quilting and some embroidery, but that is powerful enough to sewing
through multiple layers of material, such as denium. Can anyone recommend a
good sewing machine?
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Penny S. posts a Posting FAQ for this group, which includes:
"There is a "what machine should I buy" FAQ.
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BEI Design
You need to read Penny's sewing machine FAQ. A quick google of the archives will turn it up, as it's posted regularly. Personally, for this range and reliability, I'm a Husqvarna fan. To see what I do with mine, hit the URL below. Everything from silk chiffon to vinyl coated denim bags... I use it for dressmaking, household projects, crafts projects and quilting.
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Kate Dicey

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