Re: Need Sewing Machine Manual - Wards UHT J2000

> Hi there!
> I'm looking to obtain a copy of the sewing machine manual for a
> Montgomery Wards Computer 2000, UHT J2000. I purchased this machine at
> an estate sale, and they did not have the manual.
> Any help would be appreciated, and am willing to pay for a copy. I
> have been to the Sew USA website, and they do not have this manual
> available. I also went to the Mongomery Wards website and sent an
> email with this request. When Montgomery Wards sold, the new guys did
> not aquire the sewing machine division, and thus could not help me. >
> I'm hoping someone in this group either has this manual or knows
> someone who does so I can get a copy.
> Thanking you in advance for any help.
> Tanya =)
Hi Tanya - I am replying to this message June 9, 2018, so unsure if you still
have this sewing machine.
I do have a Stitch Guide for Computer 2000 UHT J2000 for this exact model
Please tell me if you are still looking for a manual. This is the only "manual"
I remember getting for this sewing machine. Please let me know if you would
like this sheet and I will send it to you by PDF no need to pay me I will gladly
send to you or anyone else who has the same machine.
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Hello Marlene hoping that I can request the pdf manual for the UHT J2000 sewing machine my wife recently acquired this machine.
Thanks! Ron E.
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