Re: will psw1.1 run with windows 10 also how can i join yahoo group teamsewamused

> > replying to BEI Design , Wendell Ishmael for my wife Marilyn

> >> What embroidery machine does your wife have? I had to contact
> >> Singer to get all the correct speed, port, etc. settings, but
> >> mine is very stable now. This was all 10+ years ago.
> >>
> >> Beverly
> >
> > singer xl1000 the card reader is recognized by the computer
> > but not psw 1.1nn found the adapter you found . got it and
> > the installed the drivers and got updates to the drivers still
> > psw does not recongize the card reader. you say you had to
> > contact singer to find the speed and port settings the readed
> > as stttings 1- 4 tried all of the them still nothing. speed I
> > do not know anything about that.
> I wish I could help more. I suspect there may be an issue with
> Windows 10, that is why I have retained my laptop with Windows XP.
> If your wife's machine and software worked with a previous OS, you
> may find it necessary to run a computer with that in order for her > to use PSW.
> At one time, Singer support was very helpful, I don't know if they
> still maintain a support division for legacy machines.
formatting link
> Good luck,
> Beverly
Thank you very much. I called the singer dealer and he looked for a suggestion
form singer and it said the software was designed using windows 98 and the
latest software really copatibaliale is xp. I have purchased a computer with xp
so i think the cable i bought yeasteray will be needed for it.
thanks thank you very much.
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That is probably a good decision! I know it's not a great solution to step backwards from the newest and greatest technology, but sometimes older is better. I do think it's sad that Singer is not keeping current with advances in Operating Systems.
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