Sewing for Beginners Tutorials?

Does anyone know of any really good vhs or dvd sewing tutorials for
beginners? Things that show step-by-step, all the basics, etc? I mainly
only sew for the occasional craft project which are generally no-brainers.
I'm not looking to sew clothing however I've found that having the basic
knowledge is needed to do some of the home decorating projects I have in
mind. I'd particularly love to find a beginners sewing video coupled with a
video that explains different fabrics (weights, uses, handling) with what
types of threads to use. I may be asking too much. TIA
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No, but there are many good sewing shows for free on TV. If you have satellite or cable look for simply quilts on HGTV and DIY, also sew much more on DIY. Check your local pbs stations for other sewing shows, mine carry sewing with Nancy, fons & porter, quilt in a day, America sews, and I think the last one is called Martha's sewing room.
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There's some basic sewing stuff on my web site. Pop over and have a look. Things on seam types and finishes, and the like. Hit the URL below:
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Kate Dicey
Actually there was some (quite some) years back Burda sewing course on video. It was exactly what a beginner would need. Also on Husqvarna site there is a virtual sewing room
formatting link
-> Education -> Sewingroom). There you can see some technique in cartoon-like form. HTH Tatiana
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